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Tai Chi Class Schedules

Check our weekly or daily schedules below to find the Tai Chi class that will fit into your busy schedule and preregister today.  Just follow the MindBody link below for early registration and enjoy special rates for Tai Chi or any of our other classes.  Not sure when you can make it? Feel free to drop into a Tai Chi class anytime.  

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Introducing Tai Chi Instructor – Ralph “Rafa” Gorodestsky

 Ralph "Rafa" Gorodetsky has trained and continues to study in various different styles and Ralph2 disciplines of both yoga and tai-chi/qi gong. Beginning with a rigorous Ashtanga practice, he branched off into Taoist Yoga, studing with Master Paulie Zink. He also maintains an ongoing tai-chi practice with Yang style, lineage master Tung Kai Ying, and his son, Tung Chen Wei. He also plays qi gong gong fu with various different Chinese elders in the park in Chinatown. When not engaged in these disciplines, he plays in several different bands, writes scathing social satire, and meditates in both the Soto Zen and Tibetian traditions. He enjoys sunset walks on the beach, nature, (downward) doggy style, and making soulful trouble.



MEDITATION — learn how to meditate, relax & enjoy who you are. Reduce stress & leave feeling totally relaxed & in touch with yourself & your happiness. Led by an American Buddhist monk.

Introducing Tai Chi Instructor – Tomme W. Ellis

Tomme W. Ellis took up T'ai Chi Ch'uan as a means of exercise and stress relief in 1972 when he began working in the aerospace industry. He has studied continously since 1982 with internationally famous Master Kai Ying Tung at Kai Ying Tung's Academy of T'ai Chi Ch'uan in Los Angeles. On occasions when the Master and his son Sifu Chen Wei Tung are away teaching seminars, Mr. Ellis teaches the regular and advanced classes at the Academy. Mr. Ellis also teaches independently in Long Beach, and regularly substitutes for other teachers trained at the Academy. Mr. Ellis teaching style is founded on clarity, patience, and good humor.


Tai Chi

Slow moving martial arts listed as one of the best all around exercises for health & well-being in the world. Help heal yourself, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, gain strength, confidence & balance in your life. This system is for everyone; no experience necessary.

How will Tai Chi help my health?

Tai Chi, a slow moving ancient martial art from China is not only beautiful to watch, but beautiful to practice.  Studies show that it is a terrific technique for reducing blood pressure, stress, & many other disease states.  With its different forms & styles, practicing tai chi can be a complete exercise system for all age & ability levels.



Pole-licious what’s it all about?

 Each spiritual journey begins with a step forward – the moment when you realize that there’s more to life than you’ve been living.

This is the most beautiful experience you’ll have… ENJOY THE PROCESS!

We all go at our own pace it is your journey! EMBRACE IT! There is no judgment here!

Remember that you had to learn to stand before you could walk and walk before you could run!

Most of all have FUN!! You’ll make new friends, that l am sure of!

 You will hear songs that will move your heart, soul and yes hips!

You might cry or bust out laughing it’s ok! We’ve all done it! It happens for most on the mat, when it does let it go, it will free you!

You’ll learn to fly!!! You’ll gain strength!

Drink lots of water!

Do not wear lotions or oils this will only make you slip on the poles.

Yes, you will get bruises, show them off! They do go away!