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“Hey Fellas” & Ladies: Introduction-to-Partner-Dance Program

Want to put romance in your life,
                   or life in your romance
 Then you need this workshop!  FREE!!!


    If you are single and want to meet women: there's no better way than dancing.

    If you are in a relationship: dancing with your lady is a really good move.

This workshop is for both men and women; no partner needed, or bring your own.

     We teach the men how to lead partner dancing.

     We teach the women how to follow.

The workshop is taught by Michael assisted by Jan. 

     Some of the evening will be teaching the men and women independently of each other, and some will be trying it out together.

      It will be fun, rewarding, and challenging (that's why it's called "learning").

It's for MEN who are up for a little learning. 

      If you say "I don't know how", now is your chance to learn.

      If you say "I have two left feet", that's great because we teach them both.

      If you say "I can't", bull; yes you can, Michael can teach you.

      If you say "I'm scared", that's great because it takes a MAN to admit it when that's in the way, so just bring your fear along with you, we'll take gracious care of it.


WOMEN:  you are an integral part of this; we can't teach men to partner dance without partners to dance with. We'll teach you how to follow even better than you do now; there are a lot of skills involved in following. And in return you'll be gentle and take it easy on the men while they work through the sometimes stressful process of "learning" (ie, getting it wrong until getting it right).

      Single women are welcome because we'll have single men.

      Partnered women are welcome to come with, or bring their partner.


UPDATE:  The first "Hey Fellas" workshop we had was terrific. We had 7 couples show up plus a few singles.  We had the couples dance together the whole evening; two hours might have been a bit long for some of the dancers; but everyone learned and all left happy.  Both the MEN and their ladies were thrilled; this is going to change some relationships; it adds more possibility that previously was not there.  Men who had thought they couldn't dance learned that they can. This whole project is about 'more men dancing'; and now there are a few more; and then there will be a few more, and more.  Come be one of them.

  FREE  !!     FREE  !!

Pole Dancing | Pole-licious / Pole Play (Advanced) / Privates / Parties


For new/continuing students
Wednesdays 6:30 pm – 7:45pm
$165.00 a month!
Drop in Class: $35.00
Want or need extra pole time
Register Online

Pole Play (Advanced)

For advanced students only > *must be able to invert*
Saturdays 10:00-11:00am
A 20 minute workout, no pole instruction just play time.
Can not do tricks that you have not mastered!
Register Online

Pole Privates

Private class > $85.00
I'll work a program that you and I agree on
Semi-Private: up to 4 > $65.00
Every one needs to be at or around same fitness level

Pole Parties

"The most delicious core workout your body will ever have"

Yoga Schedule

 Yoga Schedule at MindBody


You can drop in to class, or you can pre-register at our MindBody site for Yoga classes.

At our MindBody site you can also register for special rates for Yoga classes plus our other classes.

Yoga Day-by-Day Schedule [HealCode]

Yoga Week-at-a-Glance [HealCode]


Keiths-yoga-lotus Yoga makes you feel great all over!

YIN YOGA—developed by Taoist Master Paulie Zink, yin yoga (or Taoist yoga) involves holding postures for anywhere from 2 -20 minutes. Lengthen the connective tissue & “grow” the body. That is what makes this type of yoga a challenge not only physically, but mentally & spiritually as well as you learn to “sit” with yourself.

VINYASA FLOW—a form of basic Hatha Yoga, this type involves the sun salutation postures along with adding on others that move rhythmically from one stance or sequence to another. It is beneficial for the cardiovascular system as well as for strengthening & toning muscles & core.

ASHTANGA—another form of Hatha yoga, this type is in the yang style with emphasis on more intensity, power & strength.

COMMUNITY/FAMILY YOGA—something for everyone; have fun all together while helping each other out with your postures.  Donation based.

GENTLE/BEGINNERS—basic Hatha yoga for those new to yoga or needing a more “gentle” style class. Stretch, relax & tone in one hour while getting great benefits for the whole body.

RESTORATIVE—the use of props will enhance this yoga experience as you unwind & unfold into a total relaxed state of body & mind.

Yoga at People's StudioWhy practice Yoga? 
The ancient art of Yoga has been around for many years.  Although Yoga has always had a multitude of benefits, it's only recently come into the forefront as a true health enhancement tool.  Yoga has always been great for developing strength, spinal agility & flexibility, but in the stress-laden world we live in today, it has particular health preserving benefits.  Yoga teaches you to learn to cope better with your body as well as your surroundings, thereby lessening your stress. Yoga is fairly easy to learn, and the benefits are cumulative.  And did you know that it's one of the best life long gifts you can give your child?

Shelagh Skeer

Therapeutic Yoga aka “Slow Yo*”(slow yoga)

*A complementary practice that works in harmony with your physician’s diagnosis to help with a multitude of health issues, including but not limited to: Stress, asthma, tinnitus, neck strain, back pain, belly fat, postural misalignments, mood, weight, insomnia, fatigue, osteoporosis, confidence, multiple sclerosis, attention, desire, stroke and surgical recovery, decision making, diabetes, negative self image, etc..


Local yoga teacher Shelagh loves her classes at Peoples Yoga Health and Dance.  “For me, working at People’s keeps it real, all you know about your students is that each has made the time to be here, otherwise, they could be anyone with any kind of ache or pain. It keeps my teaching honest and challenges me to find movements that work”.


Using the 3,000 year old methods of Viniyoga, Shelagh combines breath training and slow rhythmic simple movements in her Therapeutic Yoga classes at Peoples.  “It starts with pain, emotional &/or physical”, says Shelagh, “your body fights to hide this pain, a muscle contracts, nerves get compressed.  The opposite muscle reacts by overworking – becoming weak with the effort (for example breathing with your shoulders and chest instead of your belly).  Muscular weakness opposed by tightness torques the bone – pulling on one hip or rotating one shoulder.  Over time the body compensates so efficiently the whole posture is altered in the service of masking the original pain.  This leads to inefficient body systems, imbalance and dis-ease”. 


The good news is that slow simple movements, matched with focused breath and repetition, serve to dismantle old habits, calming the nervous system and making you more sensitive to your inner universe.  Regular practice teaches new healthy movement patterns and a habit of self study that leads to the uncovering of your true self – full of love and vibrantly healthy. Viniyoga is postural reconditioning that actually works at the cellular level – promoting ease and peace – and bringing you home to the natural state for the human condition, which is bliss. “Sometimes it is only after consistently practicing every week, that you begin to feel the veils of stiffness lifting,” says Shelagh, who has had body imbalances of her own that were seeping out into her personality, threatening her health and making her grumpy.  “I want to share what I am learning. Yoga, practiced with focused intention, can change your life, your body, your relationship to both”. 


Now that our western medical institutions are finally publishing reports that laboriously ‘prove’ the claims of yoga, this ancient science is gathering believers from all walks of life with all kinds of health issues.  Shelagh wants to share these proven tools – scientific principles that enable you to take charge and manage your own health through simple daily practice.  “$10 a class is the cheapest health insurance premium you will ever pay, and you can repeat what you learn here anywhere, anytime with no expensive gadget or fancy equipment – in your car, waiting in line, wherever whenever you want.”


Monday & Wednesday   10:30  - 11:30 am


Shelagh also works with individuals; personal sessions to help you dismantle your unhealthy patterns and create a new restorative way of carrying your body. For more information, email Shelagh at (please title your message ‘Peoples’ so I don’t mass junk it!)


Yin and Yang Yoga Workshop with Master Paulie Zink

Paulie Zink's Yin and Yang Yoga Workshop
at People's Yoga, Health & Dance

  Saturday and Sunday May 22-23, 2010
1 pm to 5 pm each day

Fee:   $ 199  PRE-REGISTRATION Online         $ 225  @ THE DOOR


Special Links:

Registration for the course at People's Yoga, Heatlh & Dance

"Paulie Zink’s complete art of Yin and Yang yoga encompasses: …"

The May 22-23 San Pedro Workshop information at Paulie Zink's website

YogaFinder listing of the event

Paulie 2 In this workshop we will explore the deeper dimensions of Yin and Yang yoga.

From the stillness of yin comes motion. The purpose of Yin yoga is to grow the body flexible and promote healing, to develop our flow of energy, and to enliven our innate ability to move with fluidity, power, and grace.

The postures of Yin and Yang yoga are inspired by the movements of animals and activate the elemental forces contained within our energetic field.

Through this practice we fully engage our connection with the natural world, we awaken to our spontaneous and playful spirit, we transcend the boundaries of assumed limitations and learn more than just a technique for doing yoga, we learn a way of being yoga, of living it in our day to day lives.

Master Paulie Zink is the founder of Yin yoga. As a three time international martial arts grand-champion and the sole protege of a Chinese Qigong and Kung fu master, Paulie is renowned for his exceptional flexibility and fluidity.

He teaches with a relaxed and playful demeanor that encourages everyone to feel accepted and comfortable. He brings to his teaching over 30 years experience.

Tai Chi & Meditation

Slow moving martial arts listed as one of the best all around exercises for health & well-being in the world. Help heal yourself, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, gain strength, confidence & balance in your life. This system is for everyone; no experience necessary.

MEDITATION — learn how to meditate, relax & enjoy who you are. Reduce stress & leave feeling totally relaxed & in touch with yourself & your happiness. Led by an American Buddhist monk.

How will Tai Chi help my health?
Tai Chi, a slow moving ancient martial art from China is not only beautiful to watch, but beautiful to practice.  Studies show that it is a terrific technique for reducing blood pressure, stress, & many other disease states.  With its different forms & styles, practicing tai chi can be a complete exercise system for all age & ability levels.

About Pilates

The exercise system based on the work of the famous Joseph Pilates designed to strengthen the core while lengthening muscles & providing a fabulous all in one workout that you can feel right away.

MAT PILATES — the original exercises from the master taught on a mat with small apparatus (ring & roller).

PILATES REFORMER — Pilates exercise system using the reformer machine; small group classes, semi private or private available.

What is Pilates? 
Pilates is an amazing exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates who was a boxer & gymnast.  He worked primarily with ballet dancers since they needed great strength without bulky muscles.  Pilates is also very useful for prevention & treatment of many different types of injuries.  It is easy to learn & can be modified for all levels & ages.

Nightclub Zumba

Zumba–high intensity, high energy Latin inspired moves to a huge variety of the best music ever!  Burn fat n calories, tone your whole body while having a blast!  A party in every class!
Imagine this: we take all of the above out of the classroom n into the night club for “night club” Zumba.  Bring your friends, move to the groove, dress to impress!  No experience necessary. Guaranteed to bring out the Studio 54 in everyone!


Nightclub Zumba

People’s Nightclub Zumba Flyer


Zumba–high intensity, high energy Latin inspired moves to a huge variety of the best music ever! Burn fat n calories, tone your whole body while having a blast! A party in every class!

Imagine this: we take all of the above out of the classroom n into the night club for “night club” Zumba. Bring your friends, move to the groove, dress to impress! No experience necessary. Guaranteed to bring out the Studio 54 in everyone!

Pole Dancing | Pole-licious / Pole Play (Advanced) / Privates / Parties


For new/continuing students
Wednesdays 6:30 pm – 7:45pm
$165.00 a month!
Drop in Class: $35.00
Want or need extra pole time
Register Online

Pole Play (Advanced)

For advanced students only > *must be able to invert*
Saturdays 10:00-11:00am
A 20 minute workout, no pole instruction just play time.
Can not do tricks that you have not mastered!
Register Online

Pole Privates

Private class > $85.00
I’ll work a program that you and I agree on
Semi-Private: up to 4 > $65.00
Every one needs to be at or around same fitness level

Pole Parties

“The most delicious core workout your body will ever have”

the benefits that can be gained

Run, Stretch, or Zumba To A Healthier Body

"Engaging in physical activities has many benefits for people of all ages. Moderate physical activity, such as a brisk walk for about 30 minutes benefits both men and women, as arduous activity is not necessary to benefit. However, increasing the amount of time spent engaging in moderate physical activities increases the benefits that can be gained. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Additional benefits can be gained through greater amounts of physical activities. Adults who maintain a regular routine of physical activity that is of greater intensity are likely to derive greater benefit." Reports from the CDC's website show that over 60 percent of adult Americans do not work out as is recommended, and approximately 25 percent of adults are not physically active at all. Engaging in regular physical activity reduces weight, overall body fat, and intra-abdominal fat that cause many chronic illnesses, according to "Reducing intra-abdominal fat is important because in addition to increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among other conditions, such fat can raise insulin levels, which promotes the growth of cancer cell.""

“I’m Completely Zumba-ed”

So I’ve been there before.

My wife, Lisa, has, in our 34 years of marriage, brought home fitness plans like a cat brings home dead birds it has proudly caught.

There was the time in the late 1970s when she got up one morning at about 6 and turned on the TV, while I rolled over for some more sleep.

In my slumber, I heard something that sounded like jumping up and down, and then I wasn’t sure if my sleep was letting me hear correctly, but I soon was hearing sounds of something that resembled a person throwing up.
I was hearing correctly.

Then there was aerobic dance. We had the tapes for that, Beta and VHS.

And then came one with the 4-foot-10 taskmaster from our VCR ordering my wife to constrict her muscles even more, something called Callenetics.

There was the nice neighborly-type woman offering a walking video with the weights. She also had a complete line of Christian exercise videos as well. Didn’t know that at the time.

Tae-Bo? We have the entire DVD system.

We bought a used personal gym, so portable that it fits under a person’s bed, but it proved lousy as a place to hang shirts.

There was the cross-country skiing machine, which could hold two freshly laundered shirts and six bath towels in style, and that I fell off of regularly.

We shared that memorable evening right after we had our satellite dish installed, when I found her on the living room sofa watching this shirtless, overly-hyper muscleman doing something called “Hip Hop Abs.”

While I was reading in the kitchen, I heard her clicking away at the laptop.

Before I could say OMG! she had ordered the entire Hip Hop Abs DVD set and nutritional program.

This time, I worked out with her in our living room doing Hip Hop Abs for a couple of months … and then I heard a pop come from somewhere in my leg between a hip and a hop.

The knee surgery went well, and we were able to give Hip Hop Abs to my daughter as a present.

Enter Zumba.

Lisa and her friends started going to something called Zumba at the JCC.

First time she came home, she was schvitzed. Her hair was all over the place, but she had this giddy smile I’ll never forget.

Pretty soon, she was getting up early in the morning to get to the JCC. She’d take Zumba in the middle of the week, in the evenings, in the morning.

At Shabbat lunches, the women there often dominated the conversation about Zumba.

They’d mention the first names of their teachers as if they were rabbinic leaders.

So finally, I decided it was time to meet this Zumba.

Zumba supposedly is Spanish for, “It hums.”

No longer wearing the knee brace from the knee surgery, and a year into a yoga and meditation class, I came to Lynn Rosen Stone’s Zumba class Sunday at the Owings Mills JCC.

The exercise room was packed. Lynn, who brings high energy, amazing dancing skills and patient encouragement to someone like me who can’t dance, brought the place to life.

She got us all up and moving in a hurry. Funny thing, though, the 11-12 class was the fastest hour I can remember. I stood behind my wife, Lisa. First I’d watch Lynn’s dance moves, then I’d try and do whatever Lisa was doing. My biggest fear was not that I’d hurt myself, but that I’d bump into someone and spoil their exercise.

One doesn’t have to know what Zumba’s definition means before stepping into the room. There is no better word than “Zumba” to describe the exercise.

Admittedly, I was first afraid to put my arms in the air or pretend that I was even dancing. But as one Zumba teacher said to me before I tried this, “If you’re moving, you’re dancing.”

So I wouldn’t call what I did dancing.

I did do plenty of moving around.

When I came home I think I had that same look on my face that my wife Lisa brings home each time she does Zumba.

Best thing, I exercised.

But it doesn’t come with anything I can use to hang my clean shirts or stack any towels.
— Phil Jacobs

Zumba: Hottest Dance In Town – Zumba has brought fun to exercise classes everywhere.

“It is America’s fastest-growing fitness trend …”

The Zumba Phenomenon: A timeline – Health News, Health & Families – The Independent

"It is America’s fastest-growing fitness trend, spawning more than 20,000 instructors. Over 6 million people regularly participate in classes at 50,000 different locations in some 75 different countries and it has just been incorporated into Michelle Obama’s Get Moving campaign. Later this year, a giant Zumba class is to be given on the White House lawn. Here, we take a look at its amazing growth."

Heidi Range joins Zumba class – News, People – The Independent

“It was really, really fun!” Range enthused afterwards. “I’m not usually very good at motivating myself so classes work much better for me. The Zumba class with Beto didn’t even feel like exercise because it was so fun, much more like a dance class.”

“My body weight can fluctuate quite a bit so I need to watch what I eat. Because I’m so short, if I put on just a couple of pounds it really shows so I have to be very strict on myself! The wedding’s next year and I’m definitely going to Virgin Active in the lead up.”

Asked how her preparations for the big day were going, Range added: “All the planning is going really well so far and I went out the other week with some family and spotted this gorgeous dress that I loved. I’ve still got time though so I’ll keep looking.”


zumba growth searches,qdr:d&source=lnt&ei=_qrkS-CYGIrUsQOO2pC6DQ&sa=X&oi=tool&resnum=4&ct=tlink&ved=0CA8QpwU,qdr:w&source=lnt&ei=BKvkS9mcGYyMswPLo826DQ&sa=X&oi=tool&resnum=5&ct=tlink&ved=0CBMQpwU,qdr:m&source=lnt&ei=GavkS9O1E4WOtAPG-82ZCg&sa=X&oi=tool&resnum=6&ct=tlink&ved=0CBMQpwU

Zumba! Dance Fitness


ZUMBA! DANCE FITNESS — a great mix of Latin, funk, reggaeton, belly dance, tribal & hip hop all in one “party” style class. It’s ALL about the fun!  Burn lots of fat & calories, tone the entire body while building great stamina!  No dance experience necessary.

How can ZUMBA! help me with weight loss & maintenance?

ZUMBA! is a Latin based dance fitness program, incorporating different styles of Latin dance, hip-hop, funk, belly, reggaeton, & more.  It is FUN!  It’s like going to a party for an hour!  Almost anyone can do this workout; it is modifiable & can be done at one’s own pace.  An hour of ZUMBA! burns more fat & calories than an hour on a bicycle or treadmill!  Which would you rather do?