Dance | Rhythm 2 Step

Taught by state & national champion, Steve Lelevier, & his partner Jan Kain, this dance is for EVERYONE!  Easy to learn, & can be done to just about any type of music; great for all levels; followed by FREE Community Pot Luck Social for more practice & fun!

“Hey Fellas” & Ladies: Introduction-to-Partner-Dance Program

Want to put romance in your life,
                   or life in your romance
 Then you need this workshop!  FREE!!!


    If you are single and want to meet women: there's no better way than dancing.

    If you are in a relationship: dancing with your lady is a really good move.

This workshop is for both men and women; no partner needed, or bring your own.

     We teach the men how to lead partner dancing.

     We teach the women how to follow.

The workshop is taught by Michael assisted by Jan. 

     Some of the evening will be teaching the men and women independently of each other, and some will be trying it out together.

      It will be fun, rewarding, and challenging (that's why it's called "learning").

It's for MEN who are up for a little learning. 

      If you say "I don't know how", now is your chance to learn.

      If you say "I have two left feet", that's great because we teach them both.

      If you say "I can't", bull; yes you can, Michael can teach you.

      If you say "I'm scared", that's great because it takes a MAN to admit it when that's in the way, so just bring your fear along with you, we'll take gracious care of it.


WOMEN:  you are an integral part of this; we can't teach men to partner dance without partners to dance with. We'll teach you how to follow even better than you do now; there are a lot of skills involved in following. And in return you'll be gentle and take it easy on the men while they work through the sometimes stressful process of "learning" (ie, getting it wrong until getting it right).

      Single women are welcome because we'll have single men.

      Partnered women are welcome to come with, or bring their partner.


UPDATE:  The first "Hey Fellas" workshop we had was terrific. We had 7 couples show up plus a few singles.  We had the couples dance together the whole evening; two hours might have been a bit long for some of the dancers; but everyone learned and all left happy.  Both the MEN and their ladies were thrilled; this is going to change some relationships; it adds more possibility that previously was not there.  Men who had thought they couldn't dance learned that they can. This whole project is about 'more men dancing'; and now there are a few more; and then there will be a few more, and more.  Come be one of them.

  FREE  !!     FREE  !!