Introducing Tai Chi Instructor – Ralph “Rafa” Gorodestsky

 Ralph "Rafa" Gorodetsky has trained and continues to study in various different styles and Ralph2 disciplines of both yoga and tai-chi/qi gong. Beginning with a rigorous Ashtanga practice, he branched off into Taoist Yoga, studing with Master Paulie Zink. He also maintains an ongoing tai-chi practice with Yang style, lineage master Tung Kai Ying, and his son, Tung Chen Wei. He also plays qi gong gong fu with various different Chinese elders in the park in Chinatown. When not engaged in these disciplines, he plays in several different bands, writes scathing social satire, and meditates in both the Soto Zen and Tibetian traditions. He enjoys sunset walks on the beach, nature, (downward) doggy style, and making soulful trouble.