“It is America’s fastest-growing fitness trend …”

The Zumba Phenomenon: A timeline – Health News, Health & Families – The Independent

"It is America’s fastest-growing fitness trend, spawning more than 20,000 instructors. Over 6 million people regularly participate in classes at 50,000 different locations in some 75 different countries and it has just been incorporated into Michelle Obama’s Get Moving campaign. Later this year, a giant Zumba class is to be given on the White House lawn. Here, we take a look at its amazing growth."

Heidi Range joins Zumba class – News, People – The Independent

“It was really, really fun!” Range enthused afterwards. “I’m not usually very good at motivating myself so classes work much better for me. The Zumba class with Beto didn’t even feel like exercise because it was so fun, much more like a dance class.”

“My body weight can fluctuate quite a bit so I need to watch what I eat. Because I’m so short, if I put on just a couple of pounds it really shows so I have to be very strict on myself! The wedding’s next year and I’m definitely going to Virgin Active in the lead up.”

Asked how her preparations for the big day were going, Range added: “All the planning is going really well so far and I went out the other week with some family and spotted this gorgeous dress that I loved. I’ve still got time though so I’ll keep looking.”