Shelagh Skeer

Therapeutic Yoga aka “Slow Yo*”(slow yoga)

*A complementary practice that works in harmony with your physician’s diagnosis to help with a multitude of health issues, including but not limited to: Stress, asthma, tinnitus, neck strain, back pain, belly fat, postural misalignments, mood, weight, insomnia, fatigue, osteoporosis, confidence, multiple sclerosis, attention, desire, stroke and surgical recovery, decision making, diabetes, negative self image, etc..


Local yoga teacher Shelagh loves her classes at Peoples Yoga Health and Dance.  “For me, working at People’s keeps it real, all you know about your students is that each has made the time to be here, otherwise, they could be anyone with any kind of ache or pain. It keeps my teaching honest and challenges me to find movements that work”.


Using the 3,000 year old methods of Viniyoga, Shelagh combines breath training and slow rhythmic simple movements in her Therapeutic Yoga classes at Peoples.  “It starts with pain, emotional &/or physical”, says Shelagh, “your body fights to hide this pain, a muscle contracts, nerves get compressed.  The opposite muscle reacts by overworking – becoming weak with the effort (for example breathing with your shoulders and chest instead of your belly).  Muscular weakness opposed by tightness torques the bone – pulling on one hip or rotating one shoulder.  Over time the body compensates so efficiently the whole posture is altered in the service of masking the original pain.  This leads to inefficient body systems, imbalance and dis-ease”. 


The good news is that slow simple movements, matched with focused breath and repetition, serve to dismantle old habits, calming the nervous system and making you more sensitive to your inner universe.  Regular practice teaches new healthy movement patterns and a habit of self study that leads to the uncovering of your true self – full of love and vibrantly healthy. Viniyoga is postural reconditioning that actually works at the cellular level – promoting ease and peace – and bringing you home to the natural state for the human condition, which is bliss. “Sometimes it is only after consistently practicing every week, that you begin to feel the veils of stiffness lifting,” says Shelagh, who has had body imbalances of her own that were seeping out into her personality, threatening her health and making her grumpy.  “I want to share what I am learning. Yoga, practiced with focused intention, can change your life, your body, your relationship to both”. 


Now that our western medical institutions are finally publishing reports that laboriously ‘prove’ the claims of yoga, this ancient science is gathering believers from all walks of life with all kinds of health issues.  Shelagh wants to share these proven tools – scientific principles that enable you to take charge and manage your own health through simple daily practice.  “$10 a class is the cheapest health insurance premium you will ever pay, and you can repeat what you learn here anywhere, anytime with no expensive gadget or fancy equipment – in your car, waiting in line, wherever whenever you want.”


Monday & Wednesday   10:30  - 11:30 am


Shelagh also works with individuals; personal sessions to help you dismantle your unhealthy patterns and create a new restorative way of carrying your body. For more information, email Shelagh at (please title your message ‘Peoples’ so I don’t mass junk it!)