the benefits that can be gained

Run, Stretch, or Zumba To A Healthier Body

"Engaging in physical activities has many benefits for people of all ages. Moderate physical activity, such as a brisk walk for about 30 minutes benefits both men and women, as arduous activity is not necessary to benefit. However, increasing the amount of time spent engaging in moderate physical activities increases the benefits that can be gained. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "Additional benefits can be gained through greater amounts of physical activities. Adults who maintain a regular routine of physical activity that is of greater intensity are likely to derive greater benefit." Reports from the CDC's website show that over 60 percent of adult Americans do not work out as is recommended, and approximately 25 percent of adults are not physically active at all. Engaging in regular physical activity reduces weight, overall body fat, and intra-abdominal fat that cause many chronic illnesses, according to "Reducing intra-abdominal fat is important because in addition to increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among other conditions, such fat can raise insulin levels, which promotes the growth of cancer cell.""