Yin and Yang Yoga Workshop with Master Paulie Zink

Paulie Zink's Yin and Yang Yoga Workshop
at People's Yoga, Health & Dance

  Saturday and Sunday May 22-23, 2010
1 pm to 5 pm each day

Fee:   $ 199  PRE-REGISTRATION Online         $ 225  @ THE DOOR


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"Paulie Zink’s complete art of Yin and Yang yoga encompasses: …"

The May 22-23 San Pedro Workshop information at Paulie Zink's website

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Paulie 2 In this workshop we will explore the deeper dimensions of Yin and Yang yoga.

From the stillness of yin comes motion. The purpose of Yin yoga is to grow the body flexible and promote healing, to develop our flow of energy, and to enliven our innate ability to move with fluidity, power, and grace.

The postures of Yin and Yang yoga are inspired by the movements of animals and activate the elemental forces contained within our energetic field.

Through this practice we fully engage our connection with the natural world, we awaken to our spontaneous and playful spirit, we transcend the boundaries of assumed limitations and learn more than just a technique for doing yoga, we learn a way of being yoga, of living it in our day to day lives.

Master Paulie Zink is the founder of Yin yoga. As a three time international martial arts grand-champion and the sole protege of a Chinese Qigong and Kung fu master, Paulie is renowned for his exceptional flexibility and fluidity.

He teaches with a relaxed and playful demeanor that encourages everyone to feel accepted and comfortable. He brings to his teaching over 30 years experience.