Zumba! Dance Fitness


ZUMBA! DANCE FITNESS — a great mix of Latin, funk, reggaeton, belly dance, tribal & hip hop all in one “party” style class. It’s ALL about the fun!  Burn lots of fat & calories, tone the entire body while building great stamina!  No dance experience necessary.

How can ZUMBA! help me with weight loss & maintenance?

ZUMBA! is a Latin based dance fitness program, incorporating different styles of Latin dance, hip-hop, funk, belly, reggaeton, & more.  It is FUN!  It’s like going to a party for an hour!  Almost anyone can do this workout; it is modifiable & can be done at one’s own pace.  An hour of ZUMBA! burns more fat & calories than an hour on a bicycle or treadmill!  Which would you rather do?